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“You Owe Your Parents Nothing” – Bisi Alimi Blasts Nigerians Who Take Care Of Their Parents

UK based Nigerian g*y rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has come again with his own, this time he has taken to social media to slam young Nigerians
who take care of their parents..

The controversial drag queen wrote;
“If you are going into debt and having nervous breakdown because you think
you want to make your parents happy, now is the time to rethink it, you owe
them absolutely nothing. Get on with your life, support them if you can and
want to, it is not an obligation neither it is their right.”

“Nigerians, doomed financial vicious circle is when your parents brought you
up so you can be their cow to milk, while
you look forward to doing same to your
“I understand that the system if f–ked, pension money is being embezzled by
stupid greedy politicians, the same ones
you worship and bow to, and there is no
guarantee for old age, but f–k, the
system won’t fix itself. If you don’t
resist, you will be consumed.
The idea that it is the responsibility of
the struggling young to take care of the
struggling old is a myth sold to you by
the corrupt politicians who have stolen
the resources of your commonwealth.
Remember, one rich man among 100 poor men will eventually end up being poor.”

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