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Have you heard about konvaj.net and you are doubting if konvaj fund raising is a scam or not? Well, it’s a relatively new website and the idea is damn unique and simple and can interestingly make you a Millionaire within few weeks. Trust me.
Income opportunities like this are usually great and superb and can make you a Millionaire with little efforts in few weeks. Do not doubt my optimism. The major reason why most individuals struggle is due to their inability to start fast just like you are about to start now.

BREAKDOWN OF YOUR EARNINGS IN EACH STAGE of the Silver package!!!* *STAGE 1(ONE).* *Pay =N=1,000 and get =N=1,000 each from 2 people = N2,000 *Upgrade to stage 2 with =N=1,500 and keep =N=500 as profit!!!* *STAGE 2 (TWO).* *Pay =N=1,500 and get =N=1,500 from 4 people = N6,000!!!* *Upgrade to stage 3 with just =N=2,500 and keep =N=3,500 as profit.* *STAGE 3 (THREE).* *Pay =N=2,500 and get =N=2,500 from 8 people = N20,000!!!* *Upgrade to stage 4 with =N=5,000 and keep =N=15,000 as profit!!!.* *STAGE 4(FOUR).* *Pay =N=5,000 and get =N=5,000 from 16 people = N80,000!!! Pay =N=10,000 for rental fee to the company and go cycle out with =N=89,000!!!* *WOW!!!* *Is it not awesome to invest =N=1,000 and earn =N=89,000 within 4 weeks

Promoting your business on Konvaj directory with your own personal e-shop/storefront is free. Konvaj does not take commission on any successful business transaction. It is absolutely free but to raise fund with Konvaj, you are required to register according to your circle of influence and recruit minimum of 2 persons to do what you have done. This will help us to generate traffic for those that placed their business on Konvaj. We help our members to raise funds through networking. The days of hawking products around by sellers have gone. The application of digital technologies has created new forms of work, new divisions of labours and new forms of financing. With your konvaj online shop and referral link, you can promote your businesses and raise fund whenever and wherever. Why should your business sleep with you when you can leverage konvaj platform and remain opened 24/7? Konvaj is providing you with the platform to join the digital economy community, allowing you to also raise funds to support your businesses and projects. What are you still waiting for?

Our Objectives To boost Nigeria economy and beyond through e-commerce space by providing free e-shop/storefront for all participating members. To help member raise funds to start a business, improve a business or complete a project. To create a digital marketplace for buyers to connect directly with sellers without middlemen. To create more jobs for youth in e-commerce, warehousing, transportation and logistics. To promote easy interstate business transaction by bridging the distance divide. To bridge the digital divides in e-commerce transaction and use of internet technologies. To create a digital market place for made in Nigeria products and services. You can join konvaj fund raising WITH N1,000:

Follow these Steps to Join Now: Step 1. Register from the link https://konvaj.net/#/konvaj734https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fkonvaj.net%2F%23%2Fkonvaj734&h=ATM-pViLJ8NAd2ik11aX7z9tHcFd85Vh_zyys1IdYgQP0Su6459r6XJ6EaDHmUdSHJHYjxkatAcaIiUmKxZpXc6zKyeoiDditRpu8yJEtNIAxCtJJqaN-9_KTMYwzue0wvndo7bjZi8 Step 2. Login to your account and Click RAISE FUNDS Step 3. Select Silver Zero Step 4. Follow the process and after done Step 5. Click on Send payment, then click on ( details) to view the account number of who to pay, make payment immediately Step 6. After making payment to the person, Click send payment again and click paid, (fill the memo (how you paid) and send e.g internet transfer or bank deposit

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