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See Countenances of Ladies and Man Discovered Offering Vultures as Chicken Meat in Bayelsa (Photographs)

A man and other women have been apprehended by members of the Bayelsa state Vigilante Network for allegedly cooking, preparing vultures and selling them as chicken meat to the general public. 

Three ladies, who recognized themselves as Doris, Finegirl, and Magnificence, and hail from Ughelli people group, in Delta state, were caught by the Vigilante organize at the Tombia showcase Etegwe, Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state and were given over to men of the Akenfa Division, Bayelsa Police charge.

The ladies who admitted offering Vulture meat and cadavers of jackasses to clueless purchasers, included that they import these meats from neighboring states into the state and offer at shabby and moderate costs to purchasers, generally the individuals who possess eateries, bars and containers.

Talking with columnists amid a parade of the suspects, the Yenagoa facilitator of the Vigilante System, Friend Bunas Samuel, exhorted all Bayelsans to be on caution and be cautious on what they expend. He approached NAFDAC to satisfy it's obligation and checkmate the exercises of sustenance sellers.

A man was additionally caught in Yenagoa, by individuals from the Bayelsa state Vigilante System, for supposedly cooking and getting ready vultures and pitching them as chicken meat to the overall population.

The man was apprehended at the popular slaughter place, at Tombia Market, Etegwe Yenagoa was caught when field commanders of the Vigilante network led by Godwin Avidi, were on patrol around the market axis, at exactly 11:43pm on Wednesday 30th August.
According to Godwin, the patroll team observed suspicious movement at the slaughter place, and trailed it.

"To our most prominent creative ability, we saw around thirty dead vultures, all readied to be put inside a hot pot of bubbling water, we called the consideration of the police and gave the suspect over to them, before at that point, he admitted to us, that, he utilizes dead meat unresolved issues the vultures and afterward utilizes chemicals to slaughter them, and he has been in this business for quite a long time, pitching them to showcase ladies and chicken merchants at Real markets and chicken deals point in the state", Godwin said.

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