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2019: 5 Lessons Nigerians Should Learn From The Ekiti Governorship Election (Read)


The most-foreseen Ekiti governorship decision have come to past lastly a victor have develop representative choose in the individual of Dr. Fayemi Kayode of the APC yet taking a gander at the different fascinating dramatizations that went before the race, underneath are five things Nigerian can learn in anticipation of 2019.

1. This Is Oshiohmole First Victory

I trust you should have learnt this is Oshiohmole's first triumph as APC executive, you ought to likewise discover that he is resolved to win more.

2. APC/Buhari Is Definitely Going To Win 2019

I trust I don't have to resound this to the ears of the individuals who are trusting that Nigerians are worn out on Buhari/APC and accordingly they will lose 2019 decisions. On the off chance that genuinely Nigerians are worn out, who at that point voted in the Ekiti race that prompted APC winning one of the idea impressive family of PDP.

3. 2019 decision will be war in mask

Only for Ekiti state decision, 30000 policemen + other security organizations and extreme security gear were sent. 36 or more FCT (37) duplicate by 30000 equivalents 1110000 policemen required for 2019. That implies our policemen are not by any means an inch enough for 2019.

4. Numerous Nigerians Will Want To Commit Suicide

To the individuals who have decided that Buhari must leave in 2019 or they execute themselves.

5. No Formidable Power Yet To Match The Federal Might

In the event that APC can overcome Eleka/Fayose, an imposing force in Ekiti state where Fayose gloated that he controls 80% of the state, I see no reasons why they won't win in an alliance where no impressive power is as of now set up yet race is around ten(10) months away.

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