8 Habits That Harms Your Brain. We Are All Guilty Of Number 4 & 7


Below are 8 habits that harm your brain that you might not be aware of :

(1) Not Sleeping Well

Lack of proper sleep is a bad habit that can significantly hurt your
brain. It negatively
affects the hippo-campus
causing a deficit that leads to forgetfulness. Having Too Much Time to Yourself

(2) Alone time can be great for thinking : Reflection and mapping out
your dreams and goals.
However, when the solitude is too much it can damage the mind and
body. It can typically
cause brain decline, affect the quality and efficiency of sleep making
it less restorative,
erode arteries, create high
blood pressure, undermine
learning and memory and
generally take a toll on health; although, most of
these effects are gradual and experienced over the course
of time.

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(3) Eating Too Much Junk Food

Regardless of the fact that
you are the kind of person
that can eat whatever you
like and remain in shape, it is important not be excessive in
your intake of junk foods. This is because parts of brain linked to
learning, memory and mental health are smaller and less developed in
who excessively consume junk foods. Natural foods like berries, whole
grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables
preserve the brain function
and slow mental decline.

(4) You Play Loud Music with Earphones or Headphones

Placing the volume of your
earphone or headphone at
full volume can permanently
damage your hearing. It can also cause brain problems
involving loss of memory or inability to remember things easily, and
loss of brain tissue
in your later years. This is
most likely because the brain has to work so hard to
understand what's being said around you that it can hardly
store what you've heard into your memory.

(5) Immobility

The body was made to move
and the longer you remain
unmoving and inactive the
more likely you are to suffer from diseases like diabetes, heart
diseases, stroke, dementia and high blood pressure which can all
negatively affect the brain in the long run. You don't have to start
high intensity workouts or start running marathons, just take a walk
around your house more often
or engage in an activity that gets you moving.

(6) Smoking

At this point, it has already
been established that
smoking is bad for your body.

Aside causing lung problems, smoking also shrinks the brain. It makes
your memory worse, makes you more forgetful and leads to
problems like heart disease, dementia, diabetes, stroke,
high blood pressure, lung
cancer etc. Overeating We are familiar with the saying, "too much of
anything is bad". Too
much food, even of the right and healthy kind of food, can
hinder the brain from
building up a strong network of connections to help you
think and remember.

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(7) Overeating
This can also lead to obesity which is linked to a number
of brain problems like food
addiction, impulsive and dis- inhibited eating and in some cases
cognitive problems.

(8) Staying Indoor or In the Dark for Prolonged Periods

For the optimum health of the brain, it is important you expose
yourself to natural light as often as you can.

This helps to prevent depression and keep your brain working well.
Staying in the dark or without natural light for prolonged periods,
can slow
your brain and cause a decline in the brain.

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