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GOtv packages, a list of available channels, and 2023 prices

Many residents and citizens of Nigeria prefer to watch cable TV on GOtv Nigeria. This is due in part to the enormous selection of packages offered to accommodate various needs and spending limits. 

In 2023, GOtv should be a consideration if you're looking for high-quality cable television connectivity.

The GOtv logo and a youthful family enjoying television. Images via @Getty Images (Author's modification) via Getty Images

A product of the Multichoice Group, which also owns DStv, is GOtv Nigeria. Because DStv employs satellite communication, the two products are different from one another. High-quality digital material is available to clients through the various GOtv subscription plans.

Channels, pricing, and packages for GOtv in Nigeria.

Nigerian GOtv members can choose from a variety of packages at various pricing points. The accessible channel categories include those for entertainment, sports, kids' shows, food, religious material, and fashion. 
Depending on the bouquet you choose, you can watch a certain amount of channels. 

Prices and packages:

Five bouquets are available from GOtv Nigeria at affordable costs.

900 for Smallie The lowest number of channels are included in this bouquet, making it the most cheap. Subscribers can pay 900 per month, 2.400 once every three months, or 7,000 per year. It has almost 35 channels. 35 different genre channels, one sports channel.

Jinja - ₦1,900 This package has more than 45 channels. There are one for music, one for movies, two for sports, and 43 for other genres.

Jolli - ₦2,800 Three music, three sports, three movie, and 59 other genre channels are included in the Jolli bouquet.

Max - ₦4,150 Three music, four movie, four sports, and 65 other genre channels are included in the Max bouquet.

Supa - ₦5,500 The most expensive bundle, called Supa, has more than 80 channels. These include 69 different genre channels in addition to three music, six movie, and six sports channels.

Nigerian GOTV self-service 

You must buy and install the decoder in order to connect to the bouquets discussed above. You can select a monthly subscription plan after installation.

You can manage your account via the self-service portal provided by the company. You need your GOtv self-service login information, which consists of your mobile phone number and IUC number (located on an orange sticker behind your decoder), in order to access your account.

The GOtv self-service portal is reachable by USSD (Dial *288#), the official GOtv website, and the GOtv app. The following tasks are easily and digitally realizable.
  • Send your GOTV fee.
  • Correct decoder issues
  • Restart your decoder Package change
  • Upgrading or downgrading of packages

NB: You can also pay your monthly bill at the GOtv location that is closest to you or online with Gcybertech Enterprise.

How much does GOTV cost in full?

Depending on where you buy, a full payment runs between 6,000 and 11,000 Naira. One decoder, one antenna, and a complimentary Max subscription for the first month are all included in a whole kit. 

What is the GOtv price right now? 

Smallie is currently priced at 900, Jinja at 1,900, Jolli at 2,800, Max at 4,150, and Supa bouquets are currently priced at 5,500.

In Nigeria, how much does a GOtv decoder cost? 

GOtv decoders range in price from N6,000 to N11,000 in Nigeria, depending on where you get them. One decoder, one antenna, and a complimentary one-month Max subscription are included in a package.

How much does GOtv cost in Nigeria per month? 

The Smallie, Jinja, Jolli, Max, and Supa packages have monthly costs of 900, 1,900, 2,800, 4,150, and 5,500 respectively.

GOtv Nigeria provides a range of packages at affordable rates. A variety of channels for family entertainment are available in each bouquet.

Customer service for GOTV in Nigeria Using the following contact information, you can get in touch with customer service.
Email: GOtvNigeria@multichoice.co.za Physical address: Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State
Callers can reach the company at +234 803 904 4688 or on Twitter at @GOtvNg

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