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(This story may be a true life story but bear in mind that names has been changed for some reasons. enjoy reading)

"Please stop this. My wedding is in two days

It's so wrong to have s.ex with you. I came to be with you for the last time because you begged so much." Said Benita as she struggled to remove Andrew's hands from her pant.

"Please, this is the last time I can be with you. Leave me with this one last memory. You know what I'm going through knowing I'm losing you to another man. Just for one last time, make love to me before you go." .

Andrew was on the verge of losing tears too as she asked for Benita's indulgence. He wouldn't let go of her pant.

"I want the same thing also,
but it's not right. I'm engaged to another man. I'm sorry I can't do this to him. I've to
leave now." Benita said and ran free from Andrew's grasp.

She adjusted her pant and grabbed her skirt in a hurry to put it on.

Andrew got desperate and pulled her back to the bed with a full swing.

"You can't do this to me.
You've to make love to me for the last time
please." Said Andrew as
he tore her pant and roughly
adjusted her bra to free her

b.oobs jumped out in a rush and

He mounted on top
of her and rushed
her body with intense licking
like a hungry dog
licking a piece of bone.

"Okay, take it easy. Just this
once and that is it. No more,
Benita finally yielded to his

"Okay." Andrew smiled and relaxed. Benita slowly
removed her bra and her full
b.oobs pointed at
Andrews lips with hard

She adjusted her body and spread her legs to Andrew's delight. His excitements grew wild as he watched.

"You can have my body. Do it to me as you wish for the very last time. Make love to me the way you want to live to remember it." She tormented him.

Andrew quickly claims the moment and they made love for the last time. .
Andrew and Benita were
lovers. They've dated for 3years. They planned to settle down as husband and wife. Financial constraints thwarted plans.

parents were not letting her breathe. They were urging her to get a husband as soon as
possible. They insisted so much than Benita could bear. It was a difficult decision to make.

But she had to after Andrew
agreed to let go.

Besides, they were both AS.
Getting married will be a risk.
Andrew still had a long way to go in life before settling down. With all the obstacles that stood before them, parting ways was the only option. It was a painful separation they had to come in terms with. .

It was just two days to her wedding when
Andrew cried on the phone to
see her for the last time. She obliged because
she was also going to miss him too. But her visitation resulted to s.e.x, one last time.
She finally got happily married. Her husband's name was Simon. Their marriage was blissful.

They were a happy couple. Friends and family envied the love they have shared. 

Simon loved Benita so much. Benita was proud of her marriage. 

She bragged about it to people. It irritated
some people who were patiently waiting for
something to go wrong in her marriage. 

If her marriage should fail, she'll become an object of ridiculing. She guided her marriage jealously. She did everything a wife should do for her husband.
A cry of a new born baby filled
the hospital. Simon was so joyful to welcome the arrival of their first male child and son.

Benita wore a tired looking trace of happiness on her face. The delivery section shagged her out. She was delighted to see her husband happy for the arrival of their new family member.

"Oh my love, thank you for making me a father. You did well." Simon rubbed his face against Benita's tired face.

Benita searched for his lips.
She was yearning for a comforting kiss after the difficult delivering experience
she had. Simon surprised her with a deep kiss to further reveal how happy he was with her.

Simon spent the night in the
hospital with mother and child. The next
day he dash out in a hurry to purchase some necessary supplies for them.

Benita was alone with her baby when the Doctor came in.

"I'm sorry madam. Your son needs some special treatment. We just discovered he has a sickle cell anemia." The Doctor said. Benita was shocked and struggled to swallow. "You mean my son is SS?" She tried to confirm.

"Yes madam." Replied the Doctor. The Doctor took the baby away. Benita began to cry.

To Be Continued....
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