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After my first time 5ex with joy, i began to feel
crazy about her, i cant stay a moment without
thinking of her,
my mind always beat for her, i never got myself
again, i don't really know
what's wrong with me, am already drown
with her love.

One day i called her on phone and i asked her
this silly question.......
."Who am i to you'"?.....she said

"hmmmmm and she smiled then answered...
."You are my
everything, you are the only thing i have". This word almost fainted me. i
said ok and i
kissed her on the phone.

After one month of falling
inlove with Joy, i began to develop heart pains and high blood
pleasure and the
only remedy for this is just for her to be with
me always.

One fateful Monday morning in school after our morning assembling, i
saw Joy entering the
class, so i immediately
ran after her, she was angry, i saw anger on her face,......What is
wrong with you my dear?...[i
asked her]. she
said that something bad
happened to her, she
said she lost her friend's phone and the friend
insisted that she must
buy a new phone for her, i
became angry also.
How much is the phone? [i asked her]....she said the phone is 8,000 of
Nigerian Money, i told her
never to worry that i
will pay for her, the next day, i came to school
with 10,000 of Nigerian Money, i gave it to
her and asked her
to keep the balance.

she was so happy and
overwhelmed with Happiness.

This made her to love me more and more.
Few months later, i was still madly inlove with
Joy, i was in my room one
evening and many
thoughts began to flow in my mind...
***If Joy leave me i will die***

***If i did not marry Joy i will die***

***Will Joy agree to marry me?

**** ***Do she really love me?*****

****Can she die for me?******

These thought were flowing in my mind, i
became restless until i picked up my phone and i called her,....

ME: Hello Joy i want to ask you a very
important Question, should i go on? .

Joy: Yes my love go on and ask me, i will
answer you

Me: Promise Me you gona give me a positive answer.

Joy: Yes i will.
ME. Ok please can you die for me? .

Joy: I don't really get your
ME. If mr death come to your doorstep and asked you to die for me, can
you do it?

Joy: Yes my dear and i will do it even in my
next world. .

ME. I love you my dear

After i hanged up the call,
another thought
entered my mind...
."What can i do to keep her away from other men until i
got married to her?
Another mind told me.....

"Make a blood
covenant with her and she will be all yours
I now began to think how
Blood Covenant will
keep her till we get married.

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