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UPDATED 2023: How To Drive Millions Of Traffic To Your Website In 3 Months


How to Drive traffic to your website blog?

What comes to your mind when you hear traffic ? Typically this what every website owner is always excited to have. more traffic means more money, more income yeah more ranking too.

On today's edition I will be teaching traffic,how to get million traffic from Google or organic monthly.

Yeah if you re a blogger & website owner you really know how important traffic means in web management.

If your blog is getting alots of traffic,chances of ranking, more income and firm. Basically your traffic is responsible for the growth and progress of your website .

if you really want to be earning big with your website, i guess your traffic is the first thing to put first. Many people have gone out of blogging due to low traffic.

Hi my name is Emmanuel i will help you drive traffic to your website and gain organic traffic to your website not only Google traffic but all organic, search engine and social media traffic.
So? If you haven't been practicing  SEO on your website you are Missing a lot.

Not too late your blog can still rank and get good organic traffic if you start practicing everything I will teach you today.

Let's look into some necessary factors on how to drive traffic to your website

On page SEO: well if you haven't been practicing on page SEO I'm sorry you have been missing alot .the way you present your contents to searching bot Really matters.

Optimising your contents: yeah we still on page SEO contents is really what will be driving traffic to your website. Optimize your blog post, images. Write long contents this is the trick to seo if you want your website to be on Google first page you should consider your self writing long contents at least 1000 words upwards your website will hardly make Google first page with less words, the secret behind seo.

Write on long tail keywords: mistake bloggers of nowadays are making .they write on short tail keywords. I'm sorry if you are among those practicing short tail keywords i don't think this post is for you.consider your website out of Google first page. 

Keywords:  keywords are very important, they contribute and help you drive traffic to your website. Start using keywords in all your post. Try writing on people's queries, use what people are searching for and how many traffic a KEYWORD gets in a month. its advisable to write on low volume keywords to gain ranking and organic traffic. 

Interlinking  If you are observant enough you will notice all top bloggers always interlink on their blog/website why it increases traffic. Always put your old blog links in your new blog post. One of the way you get clicks from your visitors, start interlinking in your blog post. 

AdvertWell if you are desperate for traffic or your want your website to grow faster you should consider paying for adverts on Facebook, Twitter, social media and other popular blogs are there for you to help you grow your website faster and drive traffic to your website. Paid adverts are good, especially from social media. My advice is this, stay out of paid bot traffic. 

Social media Another popular way to drive traffic to yourself website/blog, share your contents on popular social medias like Facebook, Twitter , Linked In I get less than 32,000 page views from social media whenever I share my blog contents . 

Grow Facebook group/pageYes one secret every successful website /blog owners is using. i really jealous those that have 1million Facebook members, imagine how much traffic they do be getting. Start building Facebook group/page today.

Submit to Reddit : I know I don't get much traffic from Reddit but It gives me 2.3k monthly traffic. Whenever I make a new post I always make sure I submit to Reddit. 

Submit to Bing Another powerful searching engine just like Google though Google is the king of searching engines nevertheless, I get less than 26k unique organic traffic from Bing make sure you submit your URL to Bing.

Submit to yaduex Powerful searching engine don't get much traffic from yaduex but it worth everything.third searching engine in the whole world I get 4k organic traffic from yaduex.

Build WhatsApp groupI know this may sound weird but it helps it still part of community. create WhatsApp group for your website.

Submit to forum: Another powerful way of driving traffic to your website/blog, to be sincere this method has boost my traffic to the core, you can join any popular forums in your country or continent, for me I use Nairaland one of the most popular forum in Africa and in the world, I get nothing less than 100,000 organic traffic from nairaland forum.
Build communityIf you are running your website on WordPress I suggest you add a forum to your website/blog for better communication though comment section can be used, make sure you enable comment on your website.

Reply to comments  Many of us ignore comments left on your website/blog which makes communication less, to become successful, learn how to communicate with your visitors, reply their comments and answer their queries.

Answer questions on quora Yes when you answer questions on quora you are building back link. After answering questions make sure you leave your URL.

Comment on others websiteThis is it guys always comment on people's website when you visit them and leave your URL, still part of back link.

Focus on your niche: To be frank people don't spend time on website/blog that has what they re searching for. stay on your niche and be king there, stop blogging on general topic because many of your visitors will leave your website never to return.

Work on your headline: Your head line really matters, do not just phrase anything you like, use your Google KEYWORD planner

Stop writing for yourself: Many of us keep writing for our selves and bots instead of their visitors. imagine someone writing 200 words I wonder who you are writing it for Google bot & yourself. Make sure your keyword is found on your every 300 words because Google bot goes through your contents helps indexing and ranking your contents 

guest post still works start guest post after writing submit your guest post to top bloggers & authority website. 

Don't use authority keywords When choosing a keyboard make sure your carefully choose your keyword, avoid authority keywords and already ranked keywords.

Make sure your website/blog loads fast. I'm sorry to say this, when Google bot visits your site and finds out it doesn't load fast, do you know what Google will do? they will derank your website and remove it from Google first page. make sure your website loads fast. 

Mobile friendlyIf your website/blog is not mobile friendly I'm sorry Google will penalize your website. It's mandatory from Google for all website to have mobile and desktop view.

Use yoast seo : if you are hosted on WordPress consider using yoast premium SEO plugin .
 credited from Tellheart.com

Driving traffic to your website/blog should be your No 1 priority.

Keep practicing with time you will get to where you want, Blogging is a journey don't forget to leave a Comment if you have or know any forum which traffic can be driven don't forget to drop the forum name with the link .

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  2. What this piece of code does is to command the search engines not to take a hyperlink with this attribute seriously. online link building

    1. Which platform blogger or WordPress

  3. Comment on others website: This is it guys always comment on people's website when you visit them and leave your URL, still part of back link. I have personally gotten much backlink from top blogs.

    1. Thanks for coming wishing you more coming lol

  4. For my blog, Facebook drives lots of traffic. But I have not tried boost post yet. Instead of paying Facebook for ads, I share my posts on different groups of similar niches myself and it gives me a good result.

  5. Hello please how do I create a fashion blog I am really interested in having a fashion blog what will it cost and his to get started hopefully waiting for your reply

    1. Let's get connected through email Smartprince734@gmail.com send me a message or you can chat me up on whatsapp for faster response 08148754246

    2. Let's get connected through email Smartprince734@gmail.com send me a message or you can chat me up on whatsapp for faster response 08148754246

  6. Nice one wish to have my own blog like yours is that possible please need your rely on this

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