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Kanye West Deletes His Twitter, Instagram Accounts

It seems Kanye West is done with social media for now.

It's back to square one for
Kanye West as the rapper has
deleted his Twitter and
Instagram accounts.

The rapper seems to have had enough of social media for the time
being. Kanye who is known for his
controversial social media
presence only joined
Instagram in September last
year. Kanye had been trying to stick to one social media
platform which was Twitter
but disclosed in March, 2016
that he was considering an
Instagram account -- but only under one condition. He tweeted "on another
note... I was thinking about
getting an Instagram but only
on one condition......" adding
the "no one can ask me or try
to tell me what to Instagram... It's my art..." The father-of-two however,
also caused enough drama on twitter to last us a lifetime. It is yet
to be seen if we will miss his controversial presence.

Till next time Kanye!

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