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I have been like a lizard that
wants to stop falling from the
coconut tree, but ends up
climbing the same tree over
and over again.

I had my first encounter with
real Indecency when I was in
Junior Secondary School One (JSS 1).

My classmate, Buchi, was the first in a class of thirty students to have a phone. Rumour had it that his mother abroad sent him the phone. It was a blue Nokia
camera phone.

Being a close friend of Buchi, I
wasted no time in befriending
his phone. I fell in love with the
soccer game in the phone
because I had always loved

Back in Primary School, I was
an addict of football although just as a spectator. Being so thin like a fountain pen and feeble like pumpkin leaves, I never got the opportunity among the big
in class to show to everyone
that I could teach Ronaldinho how to
dribble pass an entire team
and score a goal without a drop of sweat coming out of the body.

The only strength I had back
then in primary school was my
brain and nothing else. My
teachers always said I had in
brains what I lacked in size. I
always wished the opposite.
Being an intelligent student, it
was no huge task coming top
in class, although I barely read.

Toping the class gave me a
good fate. I did not get beaten up by the big boys, and I did not get
receive lessons from the angry-
looking canes of the teachers. I
was practically exempted from
forms of punishments.
I carried my brain to secondary
school, so with the respect.
Although Buchi prized his
with the value of gold, and
allowed no fingers except his
touch it, I was an exception. He
always gave it to me whenever
asked for it. He was not doing
that because he was a nice
person. He always did that so
could earn the right of
bombarding me with
questions during examinations.

With the phone in my hands, I always had a great time with PES soccer game in it.

Even while a teacher was busy
forcing some strange things
into our little heads, I would be
busy defeating Real Madrid in a
soccer game,with either chelsea or manchester united.I loved the
way drogba always scored
goals unlike other players,so i
always positioned him at the
center foward as my favorite
striker,despitehaving anelka

“Johnpaul!!!”That was the
harsh voice of our integrated
science teacher.I quickly raised
up my head only to find all eyes
on me.It then dawned on me
that he must have been calling
my name for long.I had quickly
hidden the phone inside my
thug.My thug was a thight one
and so i knew it wouldn’t fall.If
he decides to search me,he
wont touch that area,except he
had other intentions.
“What were you doing?”he
I quickly stood up,holding my
forehead like someone who
needed money contribution for

“Sir,i have a very serious
headache”i lied,making my face
like a dying person.

Buchi knew what happened.
He gave me the “if anything
happens to my phone”look.
Our teacher pardoned
me,knowing i was a good

Buchi didn’t stop giving me the
phone.This continued for
weeks until I
mistakenly entered a place in
the phone,where i
never should have entered.


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