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I entered into a folder in Buchi’s phone that contained different types of videos.

There were the popular michael
jackson’s videos as well as
other videos.

I enjoyed the dance steps from
michael jackson.

I also found different movies
on the phone.

“Buchi is really enjoying o.i
wish this phone is mine”i

I continued exploring the
videos until i saw one video.I
pressed play and i started.It
was a sex video.As i watched
it,my heartbeat increased.It
was very much different from
the sex scenes on movies we
watched at home.This one
showed everything.The boy
and the girl in the video were
unclad.As i watched the video,i
felt some kind of impulse.I later
discovered the phone had
enough of such videos.

While classes were going on,i
was always busy watching
porn movies.Atimes,iused
earphones to watch them and
when i do,i feel more pleasure
than watching it without
volume at all.

I started drifting away from my studies.I never
listened to the teacher anymore because i was
busy watching bad videos from Buchi’s phone.

One day,i pleaded with Buchi to give me the
phone so i could take him home.I actually want
to watch the sex videos very well without any
disturbance from anybody.But he bluntly refused.He reminded me of how he never allowed anybody touch the phone but he always gave it to me each time i asked for it.

“Its because you are my friend.that is the reason why i do give you my phone in school”he
said but i knew it was something more than that.He wouldn’t want me to pay deaf ears to
his inceasant whispers during exams.I wonder if he ever read his books at all.

“Please let me take it home only for today”i
pleaded again but he refused,saying he might
miss an important call.Though we knew nobody would call him.

When i got home that day,my elder siblings
were not at home and there was light.I was
happy.I sent away my junior siblings to go and
play while i switched on the television and
V.C.D I brought out the movie FORBIDDEN FRUIT and
slot it in.I enjoyed the movie whenever i was alone.I fastforward the conversation places and stopped it at the place i was expecting.The love
scenes.My mothers never interfered into the movies we watched.They had no time.I was
enjoying the movie but my joy was short lived
when i heard the voice of my elder brother
around the compound.I quickly removed the
movie and switched off everything.
I felt sad.It was then that the thought of
stealing money to buy a phone came into my
mind.I needed to own a phone so i can watch
any video i wanted to watch at anytime.
That night,i sneaked into my step mother’s room
to steal the (meeting) money that was under
her care.She was the treasure of her age grade
I knew what i did was wrong but i already made
up my mind to purchase my own phone the following day with the help of buchi.

But i never knew i was making a mistake


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