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STORY:BEAUTIFUL BELINA (Season 2,Episode 41)

Oyinade frowned as she

stared at the screen. She

jumped up when the

realization of what had

just happened hit her.

They had murdered the wrong person. It ought to be Ronke and not this

Adejoke girl being displayed on TV. She became slightly dizzy.

It had taken a whole lot of will-power to attempt

murder and now to

complicate issues, they just murdered the wrong

person, meaning Ronke

was still free. She hadn't

called for the past three

days but that made her even more dangerous, not to mention the fact

that they just killed her

favorite step-sister.

She remembered Ronke talking about her extensively countless number of times.

Oyinade grabbed her

head, roaming the sitting room. She called Tikes but his number was

not going through. She threw her phone on the chair.

Ronke just got more dangerous.

She had known that Ronke was too clever to be

eliminated so easily but


also knew that Ronke

would not have expected

her do anything so stupid. What would Ronke do

when she find out? She

could not begin to



********** Ronke got tired of


tears. She could not


that she had lost her step-

sister, the only family she had left. She still saw her

yesterday looking so alive

and happy. Why had she

asked her to go over to


house? If she hadn't done that, she would be alive

now. She wiped her eyes

after hours of wailing and

crying. There was no one


comfort her in the hotel she

was lodged in and she had

to comfort herself.

She engaged her thoughts

now. Who could have

wanted Joke dead? She is the liveliest person she

knew and could not think

of anyone trying to harm

her. 'Wait. What if I was


target?' the thought slammed into her, making

her dizzy. It could have

been her obituary on the

screen. She shook her


vigorously, dismissing such

evil thought. Silently, she

thanked God for her life.

She poured herself


shot of whiskey and downed it at once. 'who

could have wanted me

dead' she wondered. The

old man crossed her mind.

It was a possibility but

she felt the man could not be


stupid as to do that; killing

her would mean he would

not get his money back.

That dismissed, only one person could have done it

Oyinade. She remembered

that the deadline she gave

would have ended

yesterday, meaning, the truth would have been out

today. 'So that useless pig

wanted to kill me ehn?


killed my Joke, my own

Adejoke.' She shook her head. She couldn't come


of hiding because she was

still wanted for theft,

making her quest for

revenge harder. She still couldn't kill her. Even

though it hurt so much,


could not imagine herself

murdering a human being

and not a fetus. "Ok. Let me

give her exactly what she

was preventing." She said

out loud.


********** Oyinade's phone rang and

she ran to pick it. It was a

hidden number and only

one person call with a

hidden number.

"Hey you…. What rubbish did you do" she yelled.

"Would you shut up?" she

heard over the receiver.


froze. She never expected

to hear that voice again. She

should be dead but by

sheer luck and braveness,

she was still alive. She


"Hey R…Ronke… I… I heard about your ehmm… your"

"Would you shut your dirty

mouth you murderer. You

think I am so dumb as to

not know who did this?

Just listen; you just stepped

the lion's tail, get ready to

go down. After you go to

jail for the fraud you

committed, you would

then hang for murdering my


family. They should be at

your doorstep now. See


in hell" The phone dropped from

Oyinade's hand and

scattered all over the


Ronke had reported her.

She was almost peeing on her body and her body

shook so violently that


would assume she just


an encounter with Titanic's

iceberg. She picked her

purse on the chair,

gathered the ruins of her

phone, took her car keys

and dashed out. She drove out of the house without closing the gate

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