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"Lawson!" She began to run towards him, happy, relieved that he was ok.

"Sara?" He quickly stood as she approached him, "Sara…"

They both ran into each other's arms. He hugged her so tightly

"I looked for you everywhere….thi­­s was the last place I thought
you'd ever be…I just came and I saw you…

Lawson….I'm­­ so happy you are ok" she touched his face

"I didn't know where else to go…It just feels like I cant face the
world anymore…" he slowly released her from his embrace.

"Take my hand" Sara stretched out her hand, "C'mon, just take it"

Lawson gently clasped his hand into hers and she took him to the altar
and stood to face him.

She searched his eyes so deeply and hadn't seen him so weak and helpless.

"Five years ago Lawson, we both stood on this altar. Remember our
vows? Remember you whispered in my ear never to leave you. I told you
I wouldn't…that's­­ why I'm here. I am your wife Lawson, I am meant to
be with you forever, though the bad and good times. We've had good
times, why would I leave you now? All I want from you is to believe
that you can still give me a child despite what the result said…I want
you to believe in a miracle", she held his face, "remember when you
told me I was a miracle in your life?…our children will be our
miracles too. Trust God with me because I know it won't be long…"

"Who are you Sara…" Lawson was weak with her words

"The one who vowed to be with you till the end" she smiled through her
thin tears

"God I love you so much Sara" He hugged her again

"So will you come back home with me?" Sara searched his eyes

"I have no other place to call home" He placed a soft kiss on her lips.


Lawson and Sara were on the sofa watching a late night movie. Sara was
resting on his shoulders when she felt the movement

"Lawson Lawson, it moved again…don't miss it this time touch touch"
she gently placed his palm on the side of the stomach. Both felt the
movement of their child

"I can feel him…I can feel him" Lawson placed his head on her belly

"I can feel him growing each day inside of me…"

"What do you think its saying now by this movement?"

"Thank you dada for believing in me" she laughed. They both laughed
"The movement has stopped" he slowly removed his head from her
stomach, "I think he's sleeping"

Sara rested on his shoulders again, "In six months you'd be a father,
"You finally got your miracle"

Lawson tilted his wife's face to him, looking into her eyes,

"Sara…you were the miracle I needed. Thank you for not leaving me."

Sara tickled his nose with hers, "I love you too. Always will", she
smiled, "We missed a whole lot on our movie"

"Movie can wait, but this can't" He gently planted a kiss on her belly.


Hi Friends,

First, we forget our vows so easily, so quickly that once our
marriages start hitting the rocks, we fail to realize that there is
power in union. When there is union, every mountain can be subdued.
The problem is people don't yet understand the concept of marriage and
trust me, until you do, please don't go to the alter because what you
don't understand will eventually become a burden and confuse you. The
concept of marriage is 'for better, for worse'. The 'worse' moments
always come. I am not saying expect bad things but I'm saying that
challenges come in marriage to make you stronger in oneness so don't
use it against yourselves.

Second, miracles are real.As long as the Almighty God lives,miracles
are real and I hope we all learn to have the patience to have our
miracles in the end. Remember that marriage is a 'stick and stay'
relationship not a 'hit and run' thing.

Remember your vows each day,

Enjoy your marriage, you deserve it!


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