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Throw Back: A Yoruba man will win 2019 presidential elections ''Prophet Onyekachukwu Okolie"

- Prophet Onyekachukwu Okolie said a Yoruba will assume control from Buhari in 2019

- The prophet said this was a similar way God demonstrated him Jonathan would lose the races

- He additionally demanded that Igbos are from Israel Prophet Onyekachukwu Okolie who anticipated that President Muhammadu Buhari will win the 2015 decision has forecasted that a Yoruba man will win the 2019 races.

In a meeting with The Sun, the organizer and general supervisor of Living Wealth (Mount Zion) Prophetic and Deliverance Service in Lagos, said that he disclosed to Nigerians that God revealed to him that Goodluck Jonathan will lose the 2015 presidential races.

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He said God has likewise demonstrated him now that a Yoruba individual will win the 2019 presidntial races.
He stated: "I said it and it happened that Jonathan would abandon Aso Shake for Buhari to assume control in 2015. Prior to the decision legitimate in April 2015, God uncovered to me that the then President Goodluck Jonathan had missed out even before the primary ticket was thrown.

The Blessed Soul demonstrated to me where Jonathan and Buhari set out on an adventure. All of a sudden, Jonathan's auto destitute down, while Buhari rapidly surpassed him.

Having gone too far, Buhari thought back and saw Jonathan a long ways behind him looking vulnerable and sad. "Buhari pulled over and got to Jonathan, instructed him to enter the auto lastly utilized his (Buhari) auto to tow both Jonathan and his auto and zoomed off on a fast.

When I woke up it occurred to me that Jonathan will undoubtedly lose the decision and it happened only the way I saw it. "I likewise anticipated the present hardship assaulting the nation at this moment. On December 31, 2015, amid the New Year eve benefit I cautioned the gathering to support up for tough circumstances that will come to pass for the nation.

It resembled what the Book of scriptures recorded in 2Kings 7:1 where there was so much starvation and dry spell in the land that men needed to butcher their own particular posterity for nourishment. I asked the admirers to be solid in petitions to survive the terrible circumstance. "God has unmistakably uncovered to me what will occur in 2019. President Muhammadu Buhari will finish his residency, however won't keep running for the races in 2019. The Sacred Soul disclosed to me that the following leader of Nigeria will originate from Yoruba arrive.

Note it during this time I, Prophet OnyekachukwuOkoli, forecasted that a Yoruba man will rise as the leader of Nigeria in 2019." He likewise demanded that Igbos are from Israel and gave scriptural reference to help his claim. "The Igbo individuals are Jews from Israel. They have regular attributes with the Jews.

The word Jewish is a misnomer. Jewish, is a term utilized for individuals who acted up and are not methodical. The conditions of Israel today, hold the Igbo individuals in high regard since they share both natural and ethnic ties. A few bits of the book of scriptures including Beginning 48:18 and Leviticus section 12 clearly loan confidence to the way that the Igbo individuals are one of the 12 tribes of Israel," Okolie included.

Then, the 2019 presidential aspiration of Representative Ayodele Fayose hit the stones even before it started as the People groups Fair Gathering (PDP), under which he plans to accomplish this accomplishment, has requested that him not squander his chance. The gathering educated him the space for the administration had been zoned toward the northern piece of Nigeria including that every one of its individuals knew about this.


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