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BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu Is Seriously Provoking Me To Wipe Out The Entire Igbo Race – Buhari Explodes In Anger, Blasts Oby Ezekwesili

President Muhamamdu Buhari, has said that Nnamdi Kanu is inciting the Military to leave on gigantic killings, with the end goal of utilizing it to cut down his administration.

He stated: "There is a consider vile plan by IPOB, to incite the Troopers into slaughtering honest individuals in striking back, so Nnamdi Kanu would utilize the photos of the casualties for global promulgation, by blaming the legislature for ethnic purifying against the Igbos, with the sole motivation behind picking up sensitivity."

He additionally denounced the previous Clergyman of Instruction, Oby Ezekwesili, for scrutinizing the method of reasoning behind the organization of the Military troop toward the South-East.

Buhari made this known through his Media Helper, Garba Shehu, who asked why Ezekwesilii was "bashfully quiet" finished the "wilderness" of the Indigenous Individuals of Biafra, IPOB, however found the voice to censure the exercises of the Armed force in Abia State.

This came in response to Ezekwesili's notice to Buhari, not to distance the whole Igbo race through the on-going Operation Python Move II in the district.

He stated: "While it is helpful for the Common Society Extremist to censure the Military and the legislature of President Buhari, Mrs Ezekwesili did not think that its proper, even once, to condemn the hazardous and brutal purposeful publicity being engendered by the IPOB Pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu. Oby, as they call her, tweets on everything. Why was she quiet on this one?"

Shehu asked why Ezekwesili "withdrew to the foundation or lost her voice while IPOB supporters were brutally attacking, assaulting, and imperiling the lives of indigenes and non-indigenes.

"Her fraudulent and hesitant hush, while Kanu's IPOB supporters were occupied with disorder and heedlessness infringing upon his safeguard conditions, is a weight on her believability as a national crusader, who ought to be fearless to denounce culpability.

"This craft of utilizing a waterproof shell while scrubbing down is out and out self-duplicity.

"Trying to influence political funding to out of a disordered circumstance is exceptionally unbecoming of her, and of the notoriety she has endeavored to work throughout the years."

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