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The Chronicles of Isioma Episode 1


The Chronicles of Isioma is a story of a girl who in dealth tells her own story of her journey through life and dealth. you are wondering how someone wouuld tell their own story in dealth? lol
Just wait and see how it begins and how it all ends, Starting from today,
Episode 1
My name is Isioma Agunwannaya. I am 24years
old, the third and last child of my parents, whom I
lost to a motor accident, five years ago. My elder
sister and brother are living the life they choose. I
know you have been hearing about me before
now, I am telling you my story from the spirit
realm, I committed suicide because I couldn’t
stand this wicked world, am sure that after now, I
will be going to hell. My story Begins from here…
David wakes up in shock from a deep slumber,
after he heard the voice of a lady calling out his
name. He starts to breathe fast. His mother
rushes into his room to ask what the problem
was, he replied, “I heard the voice of a girl, she
said her name is Isioma”. “ehen, what does she
want?” his mother replied. David still shivering
with cold says he doesn’t know. “Is like the movie
you watched last night is still playing in your
head, please go back to sleep and stop disturbing
my sleep, Isioma ko, Isigbaka ni”. (She walks out
of the room).
Isioma who appeared from nowhere is still
roaming helplessly in the room (invisibly) and
calls out David again, this time he shouts at the
voice, “what is your problem, abi dem send you to
me, I have no business with spirits”. Isioma
begins to sob. “Why are you crying” David asked.
“I thought you were kind and slow to anger, that’s
why I came” she replied. David, already feeling
pity for her tries to touch and calm her down, but
he was unable to. ‘Why can’t I touch you?” he
asked her. “I am dead” she says while struggling
with her voice. “Dead ke” he adjusts himself.
‘you have created a constructive peace which I
have been seeking in vain since death took me
away, I am sorry if I am bothering you, I am so
sorry; I know you won’t chase me away. I am just
helpless, I need help’ she continued.
“Help to do what, to find your murderer? Because
that is what I always watch in movies, if it is that
one, I can’t help you oh” David answers her
wearing a face of disapproval.
‘ Nobody murdered me, I committed suicide and
now I regret it. If you would calm down, I will tell
you why and how. I will tell you everything. Just
be a little bit friendly’ she said. David stands up
from the bed and roams around with his hand on
his head. David then tells her to meet him at a
park far away from the house later in the day, so
he won’t be seen or heard as a mad person,
speaking to himself. Isioma concurs to this and
disappears into thin air, which gets David shocked
It is 5pm in the evening; the early evening breeze
is already out. David heard the wind of heaven
pass over him and through him, at that moment
he felt calm after his experience with his new
spirit friend that morning. He is seen sitting under
a coconut tree at the palm park kilometers away
from his house. He is waiting for Isioma to
appear and there she did. “I guess you are
waiting for a damsel” Isioma appeared shockingly
behind him. ‘who told you, you are a damsel, stop
giving yourself glory, I am just here because I
wanted to be here, and stop scaring me, I don’t
like it, if you want to appear, appear like a normal
person(hisses) David said. “You know you are
very rude, right? You should be happy I am being
calm with you” Isioma replied. Isioma then sat
down close to him, they chatted a little and then
she decided to answer David’s question on why
she committed suicide. “It all started when I was
in secondary school, I was the most beautiful girl
in class and very intelligent too, even my siblings
loved showing me off, I was full of life, everything
was perfect, until my own blood decided to strike
me hard. I met a cross, where I first saw the light
and the burden of my sin rolled away, it was there
by faith I received my sight that I have finally seen
someone who could help me unravel the mystery
that many are finding it hard to answer.
My soul is troubled; it is finding it difficult to rest
in peace. I was hurt, I was helpless and I decided
to take my life, which was the mistake I
committed and someone dear is paying for it.
David adjusts himself again, takes a deep breath,
wondering what all the long talk was all about, he
feels she is wasting time, in his mind he says ‘say
what you want to say’, he continues listening to
her, while staring into her eyes. Isioma continues
her story; “My brother was the cause of my
situation, he made me kill myself out of anger.
One day, two years after we lost our parents, I
returned from the field with my girlfriends where
we gathered for a little picnic, I approached his
room to tell him am back, I met him with a girl as
usual,(he is always bringing different girls home
even when my parents were alive) they were both
smoking in the room. I excused myself and left for
my own room, sat on my bed and carried my
ipad. Few hours later, he started calling out my
name in a very unusual voice. I was scared… I
was scared, i was wondering what i might have
done wrong for my name to be called out in that
manner. I knew he was angry with me, he then
rushed into my room, he was holding a knife in his
left hand, I had no idea of what he wanted to do,
until he…
Find out why Isioma committed suicide in next
episode of ‘Chronicles of Isioma the-chronicles-of-isioma-episode-2.

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