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NNU Income Registration: How to Make Money Online Reading News


NNU is a platform that allows people to make money online while doing what they love. In this blog post I will be reviewing NNU Income Program. I will be discussing with you the good and bad, and how NNU Income Registration is done.

NNU has been in existence for the past 2 years. This program is aimed to help students, youth, middle class and whoever sees it as a good opportunity to boost his or her financial status. This program allows you to make money Passive or Active. As a worker in your office you can make up to N50,000 a month by just reading news and sharing the post to facebook.

Like as i promise to tell you the good and bad of NNU Income Program. All I will be discussing here is from experience.

I have been a member of this community for quiet period of time. After the good and bad experience I have decide to share it with my readers. It has become the talk of the town – that NNU income platform is a scam, while some said is not. Don’t worry I will clear your doubt and tell you what NNU. NG is all about.

Basic Reasons you should join NNU Income program

1.     Earning payment  is on monthly basis

2.     It gives you opportunity to earn while sleeping

3.     You earn daily by logging into your account

4.     The income program doesn’t stress you
5.     So far they have been reliable

NOTE: NNU income platform is not like PONZI scheme like MMM, Twinkers and co. You don’t actually need a referral to make money. I will be breaking down the money making method in this platform.

There are such a large number of individuals web based perusing news every day, they take after news pages on Facebook and other social website yet that has not added anything to their financial balance. 

it is presently conceivable to profit online for doing what you cherish, isn't that incredible? the world is changing regular thus numerous advancements are emerging.Today i will demonstrate to you a stage where you can profit online for simply perusing news, posting authentic news and some more.

NNU Income registration aND NIP

NNU stands for Nigeria News Update while NIP stands for News income program. These two platforms are conjoined together in other for you to have fun and also make money.

NNU gives you up to date News, Gist, Entertainment, Sport news, Gossip and many more. while NIP gives you the opportunity to make money while you read news and comment

NIP is a program that anybody can participate from any place around the world, it is mainly for student, par-time workers, youth and middle class people who want to earn residual income online.

As a student you can make cool money from just reading news on your mobile phone or smartphone at the comfort of your home or campus. people want to know what is happening around the globe, why not be a par-time reporter or read news at least 10 minute daily.

NIP is meant to help students get money while they are on campus so that they can meet up with some of their financial needs in school.

There are two ways that you can make money online using NNU Income Platfrom but first it is important to do NNU Income Registration

The following are two ways you can make money from NNU Income Program, they are:

·        NARS: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing
·        NAP – NNU Affiliate Program

BreakDown of NNU.NG Earning Method

NARS: Nars is the ad Revenue Sharing, this platform allows NNU registered members to partake in the company monthly earning.

What do I mean??

At the end of the month some amount of money realized from advertisement will be paid out to members. But there are some rules one has to obey or follow as a registered member to enjoy this platform. Here are there

NNU Income Registration, How to Make Money From NARS

DAILY LOGIN- Here as a registered member of the program you receive daily bonus. So you are required to login into your account daily to earn N50. 

SHARING SPONSORED:  NNU income platform always provide sponsored post on daily basis. You are required to share this sponsored post to Facebook daily. You earn N100 by doing this.

NOTE: At the end of the month the company always verify if you are actually sharing the post to facebook.  I advise you to choose one Facebook account, because at the end of the month when you are requesting for payout, you will be asked to submit your facebook profile link.

COMMENTING: Since the company upgraded their earning system for better of their members. Comment earning has increased from N1 to N2, but this is calculated as per each relevant comment you make on a post.

With the above mention means, you can earn N10,500 from NNU income program. Now the company credits your account with N350 daily. All that is left for you is to complete your job for the day.

Why N350?

N50 -  for daily Login

N100 - for Sharing Of Sponsored Post

N200 - To Make 100 comment each day.

I hope you are no longer asking why N350. So each day you own them of 100 comments.

Let’s do a little calculation N350 x 30days = N10,500

Wooo you see, how you can make thousands of naira on NNU monthly. I advice you not to waste time but join this platform by doing NNU Income Registration.

Second Earning Method NAP – NNU Affiliate Program

This Method is actually where the money lies. Here your earning is not limited, with this platform you can earn N100,000 per month.

How does it work?

Very simple, you turn to affiliate marketer.  Here you get people to register using your referral link. As they make their onetime payment of N1,600 you earn 62.5%.

Let do little calculation 62.5% of N1, 600 = N1, 000

Imagine when you get 20 persons to register under you daily or monthly (yes is possible, my next blog post will be how to get unlimited referral on NNU income Platform), let’s see your earning –

20 persons referral, you make 62.5% each person which is N1, 000

Earning= 20 x 1,000 = N20, 000

Awesome amount, now you why i said earning is unlimited with this method unlike NARS. NAP also helps you to get paid fast.

NNU Income Program, How NNU Company Makes Their Money

I know many people will be asking how NNU makes their money. So, I have decide to share with you have NNU makes their money.

There are three ways NNU income platform makes their money

Sponsored Post (Paid Advert): This is another way that bloggers make huge money. A company or person can paid you to get his or her brand displayed on your blog. NNU NG uses this method.

Through Google Advert: The company website (NNU website) makes money by displaying Google advert on their blog. Google advert is a program that allows bloggers to monetize their blog or website. Here advert is been displayed on their blog and they get paid.

This last method is available for bloggers. As a blogger I can pay them to get a Dofollow link from their blog.

For you to register for NNU income program you have to pay a one time payment of  N1, 600. This payment is done once and it makes you a full member of the community.

NNU Income Registration, How to Register

To avoid been scammed because they are many site that looks exactly like NNU Income platform website. I have provided a link that will redirect you to NNU website.

To become NIP participant, you need to purchase NNU Income Program Pack with a token amount of 1,600 naira only (one time payment). Your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchase and pay for this pack. So make sure you have your 1,100 naira ready before you proceed to registration.

1.  To get started, click “REGISTER HERE” button below. This will take you to the registration page.
2.  Fill the form with your valid details. You will provide your bank account details in your dashboard once your application is approved.
3.  After filling the form, click register. This will take you to product page where you need to purchase NIP pack.
4.  From the product page, click on NNU Income Pack ,the red package > add to cart > view cart. This will direct you to shopping cart page. If you are confused and did not see view cart, check the top right, you will see item in your cart.
5.  If everything is fine, now click “Proceed to checkout”, this will take you to payment page.
6.  You may ignore login or try to login with the username and password for order processing. Provide the required details and select your preferred payment method.
7.  Currently, they have 2 payment options, online payment via voguepay and coupon pin.
8.  Once your transaction is successful, wait for few hours, while they verify your payment and approve your application. If after 24 hours you did not get a confirmation email, kindly use contact page or live chat with online agent.

After Payment What Next??

Now if you have finished making payment. Forward your payment details, email (the one you used for registration), and account username to NNU income support email. Wait for account approval. 

After 24 hrs you will receive email telling you that your account has been approved.
Now, proceed to their website. login into your account… and start earning.


During NNU Income Registration please use unique username, easy to remember password.

Never you share your password or account username with anyone to avoid your account been hacked. Even if the person claim to be NNU staff. Please don’t, and the company is not responsible for account been hacked.

I know that i have done justice to NNU Income Registration, so what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Please use the social media buttons below to share, it is welcomed. 

Up next is how to get Unlimited referral on NNU income Platfrom.. stay tuned, I will be sharing it with you guys.

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