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22-year-old Lady Arrested For Selling Her Day-old Baby Boy

The lady above has been arrested by the police after a failed attempt
to sell her day old baby.

As reports revealed, the 22-
year old Miss Onyinyechi Osoneye, was arrested by an undercover team
of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos Police Command, after
trying to sell off her newborn baby to Mr and Mrs Ike Nwata.

Investigations disclosed she
had planned with her mother
to hide her pregnancy from
her father because she
wasn't married and the man
who got her pregnant also denied responsibility..

Onyinyechi was delivered of
her baby boy on March 1,
2017, at the Peninsula
hospital in Ikota, Lekki, Lagos
state, by one Mrs Glory
Ehinmi, who she claimed took her baby away from her.

Even though she had initially
denied being pregnant or
even selling her baby, she
revealed that Ehinmi had
given her baby to one Mrs Prisca Okocha, who offered
her mother N250,000 for
him. Further investigations
revealed that Okocha who
owns the Peculiar hospital in
Orile, had also contacted one
Mrs Regina Anyanwu, who
then brought the Nwatas to buy the baby. Okocha eventually confessed
that even though she had
given Onyinyechi's mother
N250,000, she had actually
gotten N850,000 from the
buyers. The Nwatas had even held a get-together to
celebrate the arrival of the
baby, after Mrs Nwata had
stayed away from her house
for months, just to make
people believe that she had been pregnant. Ehinmi however maintained
that she had simply done
Onyinyechi a favour, as she
would have suffocated the
baby with the way she was
hiding her pregnancy. She also mentioned how she paid
for her antenatal and fed her
till she had the baby

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