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"You are infertile Lawson…the doctor says you have primary
infertility…" Sara burst into tears
Lawson gasped, loosing his balance.

"Mother called me to give me the news. I was shattered, I felt like my
world was over but more importantly I thought of you. I thought of
what the news could do to you, I thought of the best way to tell you…
never for once did i think of leaving you. I bore your insults, your
scorn, because of my past. It was so easy to judge me and think of
yourself. I am the one who is hurting, I am the one who should bring
some miserable divorce papers…but I thought of you…I thought of hope,
faith and a miracle…I thought of my vow to you on that altar. In
sickness and in health remember?", she smiled through her tears, "all
of a sudden you are as weak as a baby…looking in your eyes, I can see
you sudenly have lost all your guards, You are so wicked"

"Sara…" Lawson fell on his knees, torn.

"No!" She quickly fell on her knees too, "No Lawson…" She couldn't
bear to see him cry

"I'm…I'm infertile", he cried, "What is left of me?" he searched his wife's eyes

"Lawson please…" she held his face, "I understand…it has been so hard
for me…I have put myself in your shoes since the first day…"

"You don't deserve this…you deserve better…I can't believe I scorned
you all along…please let me leave you"

"No" she shook her head, "You are my husband. I won't leave you. I
won't let you leave me…I believe in miracles"

"I'm doomed…Sara I'm doomed…"He allowed his wife take him in her arms
and on her shoulder he wept like a child.


Sara gently opened her eyes, looking beside her bed…it was empty. She
quickly sat up on seeing a note gently placed on the bed. Hands
shaking, she opened the letter to read.


I cannot bear the shame. I have treated you so unfairly, yet you love
me still, you are with me even in this condition of mine. To think
that you knew all along and you never for once gave me a clue that it
is my fault we are in this mess, makes me so unworthy of you. I love
you enough to let you build another life with a man who can make you
happier. I'm torn Sara and all I ask is your forgiveness. I have
always loved you and if you truly love me then please start your life
over again…without me…I am truly sorry for disappointing you.


Sara couldn't control the tears. She couldn't think straight anymore.
She picked her cell phone, shaking…

"Hi Mr. Lawson's office please"

"Hi Lola…" she cried, "have you seen my husband today?"

"No…no ma'am, we've been expecting him at work. He has a presentation
is fifteen minutes"

"Oh God…God…" Sara dipped her hand in her full hair

"Everything ok ma'am?"

"Thank you" she ended the call.

She quickly got down from the bed and in her pyjamas she ran into her
car. She dialed his number repeatedly as she drove…no answer.

AT 2:00PM

:She sped into Fred's compound, a close friend to her husband.

"Fred!" she banged the door hastily till the door flung open

"My God Sara what's wrong?" Fred held her

"It's…it's Lawson…have you seen him? is he here?"

"No…Haven't heard from him in a week"

"Oh God" she held her hair

"What's wrong?"

But she was already walking away into her car.

"Sara!" He called after her.

She zoomed away


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