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Wanye Rooney Loses £500,000 To Gambling Under 2-Hours In A Single Night

Manchester United star,Wayne Rooney lost £500,000
to gambling in a two hours on casino.

The England star ran up the bill on roulette and blackjack. Rooney
frittered away more
than £4,000 a minute on
blackjack and roulette during
the casino losing spree.

One witness at Manchester's
235 Casino said:

"He was g@mbling a lot on red and seemed to be in his own world."

Onlookers said the
Manchester Utd and England ­
legend arrived at the casino
alone at midnight and spent
two hours switching
between the two games as he knocked back beers. One witness said:

"Wayne was being extremely
reckless, laying down chips
which amounted to massive

"He was drinking bottles of
beer. But he wasn't drunk. He
was more interested in the
gambling than drinking. "He
was gambling a lot on red
when he was playing roulette — which seemed
appropriate — and was
putting long-shot bèts on solo numbers. He kept losing but that just
prompted him to bèt more."

"He was chasing his losses,
which was just making
things worse for him. People
in the casino were looking at
him and were stunned at
what was happening. "He was cursing under his breath
and seemed to be in his own
little world — fixated on the
tables and all the machines
around them. "He looked really down in the
mouth towards the end. "But
the casino staff always look
after him and he gets VIP
treatment in there. He
obviously earns a lot but it is still a pretty crazy amount to

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