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Throwback: "Dragon Flew Away With Our Newly Loaned $486 Million From Our World Bank" Lai Mohammed


Another report claims that a dragon stole $486 million from a loan the World Bank gave to Nigeria.

Lai Muhammad told reporters this shortly after the money arrived in Nigeria from the World Bank and was taken by an unidentified dragon upon arrival.

Lai Muhammad told the news media after the plenary that since the money could not be traced or found in his bank account, it was possible that Dragon had stolen the funds this time.

He stated:

"I believe that this nation is turning into a big farce. Prior to the monkeys raiding the farmhouse, it was the rodents that chased the president away. Since then, snakes have eaten about N36 million. They therefore object to this being expressed, but I think it is important that we are quite clear.

This is coming after a shocking confession of an official of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, which claimed that a mysterious snake allegedly swallowed N36 million naira, from the Board’s vault, which she made from the sale of scratch cards, another that of a monkey which swallowed 70 million naira.

“Dragon flew away with our newly world bank loaned money $486 million” – Lai Mohammad, presidency

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