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Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Having Sex With Church Members Says He Can't Sleep

Nigerian pastor Tim Omotoso
who was arrested for
sèxually molesting his own
church members in South
Africa -says he can't sleep in
his cell..

The Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court postponed
proceedings last week to
allow his travel documents to
be checked. According to reports, Omotoso's defence – led by aAdvocate
Alfonso Hattingh –
read out his affidavit in court
on Friday, in which he
complained about conditions at St Albans Prison, where he
is being held i The pastor said his constitutional rights had been
violated since the day of his arrest at Port Elizabeth Airport, where
gathered to take videos and pictures of his arrest. He said
he was having suicidal
thoughts as the events that
have so far unfolded have
affected his physical and
mental state. He said he has been
struggling to sleep in his cell.

Home Affairs immigration
officer Ivan Claasen told the
court they were suspicious
about Omotoso's two
passports. "I found it strange that his
visa is in his old passport,
which will expire in August,
and not the new one which
he allegedly used for travel."
"It's suspicious that he left South Africa and returned
when the new passport he
used did not contain a work

"Home Affairs need to verify
that both passports plus the
visa are authentic and to
investigate how he travelled
using the new passport when
it does not have his visa." Magistrate Thandeka Mashiyi
ordered the defence to hand
over the passports, as well as
the work permit, to Claasen
so he could verify their
authenticity and whether Omotoso had been deported
from the UK due to fraudulent
papers. She postponed the bail
application to Friday for
Home Affairs to perform its

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