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See What Happened To The Police Sergeant Who Sold Arms To Millitants In Lagos

A police sergeant who was in

charge of the armoury at the

Ipakodo division of the

Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has been arrested following his attempt to

commit suicide when an inspection team discovered that over 160 guns

were missing from the armoury.

Sergeant Sunday Odu was

prevented from taking his life

by members of a police audit

team on a visit to the police

station on Thursday. A source within the police

said Odu and another

policeman had tried to bribe

the audit team on their

arrival at the station albeit


The source said; "During the audit, they discovered that they had sold

many of the

arms and ammunition.

To be precise, about 162

arms had been sold. "Immediately the

situation was discovered, the

armourer, a police

sergeant, cocked his gun

and wanted to kill himself.

"But the team quickly

seized the gun from him

and handcuffed him. He

has been taken to the

State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department


After much interrogation and

beating, he confessed

that he sold the arms

and another policeman was involved," A source at the SCIID confirmed

that the policeman

was in custody and that the

number of ammunition sold

to militants terrorising the

state was large. The SCIID source told PUNCH; "I was told the

Divisional Police Officer, who checked the armoury, discovered that

where they kept bullets were filled with stones,"

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