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We never got tired of watching the television except maybe
when ‘Mr Sleep’ came calling; and
we never
stopped cursing the National Electric Power Authority(NEPA)whenever they
put a period in our
adventure by cutting power

I enjoyed the movies so
much and was fascinated
by almost everything in the
movie: the enchanting
voices of the actors, the perfectly-
made faces of
the actresses, the action, and of
course, the
scenes where the actors and
actresses kissed,
and the rare sex scenes.
Although I was just a ten-year-
old kid, I enjoyed
the sex scenes so much and
always looked
forward to them.

A movie where
the actors and
actresses never kissed or made
love ended up
very disappointing to me. I knew
it was wrong for me to enjoy
such a
pleasure, but I could not bear the
pain of not
savoring it. I always pretended to
look away or
cover my eyes when such scenes
were on scenes
were on just to make my elder
ones believe I was
still a good boy, but I had a way
of still seeing what was going on
on the TV screen. I always
wondered why my elder siblings
never fast-
forwarded those scenes, or
removed the movie
completely since they hammered
always that such
scenes were not good for our
viewing. Day after day, viewing
such scenes in several
movies, I could not help but get
overwhelmed by
the unclothedness of total
strangers. My mothers
never knew the king of movies
we fed our virgin
eyes with. They spent their
evenings peeling
melon seeds and gossiping.
Whenever I got to be alone in the
house, I would slot in the disc
just like Kenneth always did and
would speed it up to the scenes
where the actors and actresses
kissed or made love. It was not
difficult learning how to use the
remote control. I would mute the
TV, sit close to it and bath in the
pleasure emanating from the
scene into my body. It was
enthralling then, but now I have
realized that I was feeding myself
with a poisoned chalice.
So, as every day passed by, I
could not stop thinking of people
making love. Every night on the
cold mat I slept then in my
mother’s room, the Unclad
bodies of those I bad seen in the
movies would run through my
mind and I wanted more daily.
I remained a good boy to
everyone, but I was healing dirt
deep within. Even while in class, I
was always thinking about the
sex scenes in the movie of the
previous night. Unclad pictures
were running through my mind
all the time.
I knew I was into a deep mess,
but I loved it. If I had known then
that a little leaven leavens the
whole lump, I would never have
smelt the leaven in the first place.


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