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I knew it was very wrong of
me to steal the money.I knew
fully well that the money
belonged to people and i equally knew she would suffer for it.I counted the money in a
secret corner of the house.

It summed up N20,000.I smiled.I couldn’t wait to meet
up with Buchi so he could help
me get the most anticipated

I got to school very early that
morning but Buchi wasn’t in
school yet.I fidgeted as i scanned the students trooping
in,in twos and in threes.I was
searching for Buchi.I waited in
vain that morning for him but
he was nowhere to be found.I
was afraid of loosing the money.

Most of my classmates
were good criminals.And
moreover,i wouldn’t like any of
my teacher to find out i had
such an amount of money with
me.They must surely report me
to the school and to my parents if they do,and that means trouble for me.

It was after the morning
assembly that Buchi came.I
wondered why he came late.It
was unlike him.I called him

“Buchi please i need your help.I
want to buy a phone”I told

He looked at me suspiciously.
“Don’t you know it requires
money?”he asked.

“I have it.i have the money with
me.let us go now”i replied.I
could read the suprise and
confusion written all over him.
“how did you get the money?”i
heard him ask.

“I have been saving it for long”i
“How much is it?”he asked.
“N20,000.i hope it will be
enough”i said.

He nodded like an agama
We set out of the school that
morning,though classes were
We took a bike down to a place
where phones were sold.
I bought buchi’s type of
phone.It cost me 16, 000.I
never knew the phone could
be that expensive.
Buchi taught me how to
transfer something from one
phone to another.He was the
first person that taught me
how to use what he called
bluetooth.I transfered all the
pornographic movies and
pictures from his phone into
my own phone.I was happy.I
watched the sex videos with
great pleasure.I always hid the
phone from everybody.
I only brought it out whenever
i was in a secluded place.
Few days later,my step mother
called us all to ask if any of us
took money from her
room.Everybody said no.I had
to say no too.She was
crying,searching for the
missing money all over her
room.She explained that the
women wanted to buy new
wrappers for the august
meeting and so,they needed
the money under her care.
I felt sorry for her.I didn’t
know what the poor woman
would do.

As i watched and enjoyed the
porn videos,i felt the urge to
try out some of those things i
have been watching.I felt an
inner power pushing me to
pratice what i have been watching


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