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ADMIN NOTE:Love is a beautiful thing.It is one word we have so many
different definitions for.

Love is something you can never fully explaing.

Read Sarah's story below.
I hope you enjoy it

"I,Sarah Adams take you,
Lawson Kuti as my lawful
wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health,
till death do us part"
she smiled at him through her veil.

"You may now kiss your bride Mr. Lawson" The Pastor beckoned. Lawson's
heart raced as he gently unveiled his bride's face. She looked so

He gently bent over and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Sarah in
turn embraced him tightly with tears of joy streaming down her face.

"Never leave me Sarah" He whispered in her ear.

"I will never leave you" she whispered and they slowly released
themselves from the

"I present to you the latest couple!" The Pastor exclaimed

The church cheered and Sarah cried more in her husband's arms


Sarah silently tip toed behind her husband. He was in his study,
engrossed in reading.

She smiled to herself and
gently covered his eyes with both hands.

"It's just you and I in this
house Sara, plus, I smelled you the moment you walked in" He dropped.
Sara released her hold, sighed and sat on the study table,

"Why do you figure me out so easily? I can't even surprise you! That
sucks" she curled her arms around his neck

"You are my wife, nothing you do is supposed to surprise me"
He playfully pecked her nose.

"But you've been in the study all day and I'm bored!" She rolled her
eyes "So what kind of fun do you
suggest we have then?" He swooped her off the table in his arms

"No! no that kind of fun!" She hit him playfully till he put her down

"Ok", He folded his arms on his chest, looking into her eyes,

"So what do you want us to do?"

"Not us. Actually, all I want is to play with your play station
and you've hidden it again!

Just give it to me and you can continue your reading, pleaaaseee" She
blinked her eyes playfully

"No way", He went back
toward his study chair and sat,
"Not my play station"

"Why! You never let me touch it…like its your baby" She sulked

"Well", he rolled his eyes, "Not like you've given me a baby

Sara paused for a moment.

Did he just say that to her? The words struck her deep down

"You shouldn't have said that Lawson…" She managed to
say, her countenance

"But it's true…I'm only saying the truth Sara" He turned to face her,
still sitting on the

"The truth? You think I don't want us to have kids?"

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that…" He stood to face her now.

"Then what are you saying Lawson? Tell me, what is the truth?"

"Let's not do this today… please. You can have the play
station and play all you want.

It's in my footwear locker and the key is in my Bible"

"You always do this…hurting me with your words" Her voice began to shake

"Don't start Sara please"
"Tell me why you said those words to me! I want to know!"

"Because I'm tired! I want to be a father! I want to have my
own kids Sara…"

" and you think I don't?!" Sara flared, trying not to let the tears pour

"Then why can't you get pregnant Sara? This is the fifth year we are trying." He
clenched his teeth and walked out of the study room.


To Be Continued

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