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Woman Hospitalized After Big Cassava She Was Using To M@sturbate Gets Stuck In Her V@g!na

A woman from Jakarta (South East Asia) has had herself to blame after an improvised d!ldo
made from a huge tuber of cassava got stuck
in her v@g!na, and caused a lot of bleeding.

She had to be operated on by doctors before the cassava could be removed. Doctors had to perform an immediate operation to remove it
from her gen!t@l.

She got interviewed after the medical operations and explained that she m@sturbated
with a cassava because her husband’s p*n!s is
too small, it can’t satisfy her.

On this particular day, she was horny and
decided to use the 18 inches Cassava root as a
d!ldo. She designed it herself, but it accidentally
got stuck inside her gent@ls.

She started to bleed and had to call an ambulance right away.
The story and video were posted on Facebook
by Anthony Enriquez.

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