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I won’t go on exile, IPOB leader Kanu tells supporters


Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader and Radio Biafra Director Nnamdi Kanu has dared the Federal Government to re-arrest him.
He is threatening that anyone who attempts to arrest him will be crushed. Kanu spoke yesterday at the Boys Technical College (BTC) on Faulks Road in Aba North Local Government Area of Abia State.
The IPOB leader, who is being accused by the Federal Government of breaching the bail conditions,  was received by members of IPOB Faulks Road Zone I and some of the group’s sympathisers.
Describing Aba as the “Spiritual Land of Biafra”, Kanu reassured his supporters that he would not go on exile. He urged them and believers in Biafra  to be strong and resolute.
He used the forum to reiterate that there would not be election in Anambra in November or any part of “Biafra Land” even in 2019, unless the group’s clamour for referendum got the blessings of government.
Kanu who paid tribute to those reportedly killed at the National High School in Aba by security agencies said: “Where we are is Biafra land. Aba is the spiritual capital of Biafra land. We started in Aba in 2015 at CKC (Christ the King Catholic Cathedral). That day, heaven authenticated our move that IPOB will restore Biafra and that’s what we’ve come to do. We died in Aba at National High School.
“They shot and killed us in other places in Biafra land when they were protesting for my release. As our people rest in the grave, we’ll never rest until Biafra is restored. I don’t care what they say in Abuja. I don’t give a damn what they say in Lagos.
“I’m a Biafran and we are going to crumble the zoo. Some idiots who are not educated said that they’ll arrest me, and I ask them to come. I’m in Biafra land. If any of them leaves Biafra land alive know that this is not IPOB. Tell them that’s what I said.
“Tell Buhari that I’m in Aba and any person who comes to arrest Nnamdi Kanu inBiafra land will die here. I’ll never go on exile, I assure you.
“Some people talk about restructuring; are we doing restructuring of Nigeria now? Are we doing fiscal federalism? Are we doing devolution? What we want is Biafra!
“Forget all the nonsense they write about us. We are not slowing down and no man born of a woman can stop us. They thought we are joking and God gave us a simple message that no one can stop us. The movement to restore Biafra is unstoppable.
“God sent me to you, Aba people and I am giving you His message. Our veterans here, your own message is that you’ll see Biafra alive, not in death.
“The message of heaven is what I bring to you. Don’t be afraid. The plans of our enemies are not going to be actualised. The enemies are planning, but we are formidable.
“We are going to boycott Anambra State election. After Anambra 2017, in 2019, there’ll be no elections in Biafra land. Signed and sealed. My message is that there’ll not be election in Biafra land ever again until they give us date for referendum.”
Some of IPOB members who spoke to reporters at the venue said that they shunned  church to listen to their leader and a man that God destined to use to liberate the people of the Southeast and the old Eastern Region from the hands of corrupt and insensitive leaders.
They, however, vowed to join hands with Kanu to ensure that Biafra was realised, no matter how long it would take.
But two political leaders said that Kanu, like other Nigerians, cannot be above the law.
Chief Chekwas Okorie, the national Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) said
“Kanu is a citizen of Nigeria, who is equally entitled to the freedom every citizen enjoys. But as far as the law is concerned, he cannot resist arrest if the need arises. He cannot say nobody can arrest him and no citizen of this country can say so as well. As a citizen, he deserves his freedom which is equally guaranteed under the law, but that is not to say that he is above arrest when he acts against the state. ”
His National Chairman of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) counterpart Prof. Bankole Okuwa said:  “Again, I think Kanu is ignorant of the law. He can be arrested if he is a trouble maker. He can be arrested if he is going to cause trouble in the country. The Federal Government can order his arrest. What the government needs to do is to get a court order. Kanu statement came because people don’t obey the law.
“They don’t follow what the law says, I must say that politicians create all the problem because most of the politicians are lawless. The government can get him arrested, the Attorney-General can get that from the court and he would be arrested. “

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