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“S£x Is Fuel In Marriage” – Actress, Wumi Olabimtan Reveals


Wumi Olabimtan, a UK based performer, has said s*x talk shouldn't just be restricted to the room, as it's a subject that could be destroyed anyplace for training.

Wumi, in a talk with Vanguard, insisted that sex is an imperative thing in a marriage, expressing that couples should attempt to contemplate each other and have a sex plan.

"As a matter of fact, a man's moxie decides the sex routine in a marriage. In any case, that doesn't mean the lady can't start it. She can do it by not asking but rather by non-verbal communication which the man is certain to comprehend," she said.

At the point when the on-screen character was asked what she would do if her better half all of a sudden turns out to be irreversibly barren, the Ibadan Polytechnic graduate, let it be known would be a pill difficult to accept.

"Irreversible impotency in a marriage is an allurement and we require an awesome beauty to defeat such an enticement. S*x is fuel in a marriage, and when fuel is low or gets dry, the marriage auto stops, which implies the marriage will endure. It will just take divine mediation to manage the two gatherings, since sex is fuel and has its very own soul," she said.

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