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Does Governor Ikpeazu Know Where Nnamdi Kanu Currently Is? Checkout What He Is Saying About It

governor ikpeazu photo
Governor ikpeazu Okezie
The governor of Abia State has reacted to speculations that he knows the current whereabouts of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu. 

As indicated by a Vanguard report, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State has said that he doesn't know the whereabouts of the "missing" pioneer of the prohibited Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.

The senator said he has never had any sort of fondness, at all with Kanu and all things considered wouldn't give answers to the IPOB's pioneer's agenda.

It will be reviewed that Kanu's whereabouts had been obscure for quite a long time after troopers attacked the place where he grew up in Umuahia, the State capital.

Kanu, who is unexpectedly standing trial at a Federal High Court in Abuja is expected to show up in court for a continued becoming aware of his conspiracy charges favored against him by the Federal government.

Asked amid a meeting in Abuja on Thursday of Kanu's development, Governor Ikpeazu said that it would be out of line for anybody to suggest such a conversation starter to him.

He stated: "I don't believe that is a reasonable inquiry. I don't have the ability to figure out where Kanu is. I have never gone to him. I have never called him on telephone and he has never taken me into certainty with respect to what he does, where he goes.

"Along these lines, the individuals who are near him would reply. I don't have the ability to screen him and know where he is, perhaps Journalists through investigative news coverage will know."

The representative however gave an express, conceivable reason of what prompted the current fretfulness in the State.

He said that in the light of the vow he swore as representative, he was left with no other decision than to take some extreme measures to spare the lives and property of the general population living and working together in Abia.

Responding to the fomentation about withdrawal, Ikpeazu said that the general population of south east had more confidence in the Nigerian venture than some other geopolitical zone of the nation.

He stated: "On a very basic level speaking, I imagine that if the inquiry we get some information about whether there are imbalances, regardless of whether there are holes or there are individuals who don't feel that they have been genuinely regarded either as an individual or as a family or as a geopolitical zone, the appropriate response is yes.

There is fomentation in the north east, there is an unsettling in the south west, obviously there is disturbance in the south east yet I set out say that there is no other ethnic gathering in this nation that has as much confidence in the Nigeria as a nation, one joined nation than the general population of the south east, that is the reason they are in Sambisa.

"You can tally what number of enormous organizations having a place with the south westerners that are in Aba. You can tally what number of huge organizations having a place with the general population from the north east, north west, north focal that you can discover in Owerri. You can't locate a four story building having a place with some individual from the north east anyplace in the south east.

"In any case, in the event that you go to Kano, you don't tally three inns previously you check that of some individual from the south east. What it implies is that we are the general population that have exhibited confidence in the assembled Nigeria.

"Post war encounter is that everyone began retreating and after that we began moving all around and afterward by the day's end, our kin are starting to feel that we are not being sufficiently trusted with certain key positions in spite of the way that we have shown specifically times that we cherish Nigeria more than anyone. We have confidence in this nation more than anyone. That couple with the way that there is immense potential vitality inside the adolescent group in Nigeria that is unused in light of the fact that the issue of joblessness in Nigeria, for me, as an organic chemist, I take a gander at it as botch of vitality; individuals have excessively vitality however can't utilize it anyplace.

"On the off chance that you have a 2year old kid in this house today and that kid doesn't go to class, he doesn't go anyplace, before you go out and return, you will find that someone with a great deal of vitality is dwelling with you here.

In this way, the thought is that every one of these disturbances contained and all that made what you call IPOB.

"And afterward the central government after some time began viewing from the sideline on the grounds that IPOB was getting cash from somewhere else, setting up radio stations, teaching individuals, all that went on. In any case, while that was going ahead, at a point, the authority of the south east through Ohaneze, through the governors began drawing in Nnamdi to state we realize that there are issues. Would we be able to discover elective channels to examine them. Would we be able to make a considered and scholarly introductions and go up against the government with these contentions? Yet, he felt that his own procedure was better what not.

"In this way, I think it got to a moment that the government started to feel that the red line was undermined and sadly a few of us as governors were not taken into certainty with regards to the subtle elements and plans and aims of the government and it is the incongruity of this thing they governors boss security officers; boss security officer yet you are not controlling the CP, the fighters around you, the naval force around you, you can't instruct them to stop, you can't reveal to them where to go what not.

"In this way, that conflict came up on us in Abia state and I was stood up to as a pioneer to settle on a decision between the pledge I swore, what was politically convenient and what was correct and I think what was correct was for me to do everything to ensure the lives and properties of Abians and those that are working together in Abia.

"In this way, all that I did, the official statements, my activities, all that I did was outfitted towards satisfying my command which was to secure lives and properties of Abians as well as of everyone that was inside Abia working together. I didn't wish for one soul to kick the bucket, regardless of whether IPOB or a Fulani man or a Kogi man. I didn't need anyone to lose his life or for us to start to spill blood in my state.

"Like I disclosed to a few people, my mom revealed to me that everyone ought to do everything to ensure that war does not follow in his mom's kitchen on the grounds that the pots will break, the plates will break and after the war, with what are you going to eat?

"In this way, I don't need a war in my kitchen. In the event that there must be war, released the war somewhere else not in my kitchen. And afterward I say thanks to God and I give him all the wonderfulness that he gave us the insight to make the strides we took."

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