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The Chronicles of Isioma EPISODE 2


Previously on the Chronicles of Isioma:
Isioma met a guy named David to help her carry an
assignment, but before that, she has to explain
what really happened that caused her to commit
suicide. In case you missed it READ EPISODE 1ON PAGE 1.

My brother ran into the room with a knife, I kept
wondering what he was doing with a knife and
calling out my name in an angry way. He looked
and sounded drunk, I asked him what the problem
was and what he was doing with a knife, he said
he was h---y and that his girlfriend refused to
give him s-x before she left. David now looks in
disgust and said ‘so how does that concern you’, I
wondered to myself too and asked myself the
same question, she continued. He pointed the
knife to my face and said he wanted me to give
him s-x otherwise he would tear me with the
knife. That was an offence to God and man, how
can my brother think of harming me, that is a big

Now the fear has increased, my heart was racing
fast; I didn’t know whether to shout or to cry. He
drew closer to me and pushed me on the bed,
unzipped his trousers and forced my clothes off
me. No man has ever seen my nakedness before,
not even my boyfriend, we decided to keep s-x till
the right time and I wasn’t ready to lose my
virginity to just anybody, though I loved him so
much, but I wasn’t ready to lose it just yet. He
tore my clothes and found a way between my
thighs, I cried and cried yet he couldn’t just leave
me alone.
From that day, I hated him with passion, I couldn’t
tell anyone what my brother did to me, not even
my boyfriend, no one will believe me, they might
think I am lying because of my cunning character.
I was down for days, I closed my door for 3days, I
only came out on the third day when my worried
boyfriend came to find out what was the matter
with me. The day he came, he met my brother in
the sitting room smoking as usual, he asked of
me, my brother didn’t reply him but gave him a
weird look. He came to my room, I couldn’t say
anything. I was dumbfounded.
Kelvin (my boyfriend) crossed his arm round my
body, he saw I had a temperature, he rushed out
to get me drugs. While he was away, my brother
came into my room. I asked him what he was
looking for and he should leave my room, he
came closer to me, forced me to his body and
threw me to the bed and said he missed my body.
He forcefully took my clothes off, poured wine all
over my body and raped me again.
My head was on fire, the tears in my eyes
couldn’t just finish. He left me crying and
struggling in pain and drove out of the house.
Kelvin returned and didn’t meet me in my room.
He called out my name, I didn’t respond, I was in
the bathroom, I refused to come out until he left.
Who will I tell my story, who would I tell that my
brother was raping me. This was the second time
within three days. It was as if my heart was torn
into pieces.

I knew Kelvin was worried about me, he left in
anger. He dropped the drugs, by the time I came
out from the bathroom, he was already gone, I
took my drugs, locked myself inside and slept. I
planned on leaving the house the next day and go
and stay with my boyfriend for some time.
I had no best friend to confide in. I fell sick for
days. I made up my mind that if there was nobody
to confide in, then let me write it down in a book.
This secret was too heavy for me, since I couldn’t
tell anyone not even the police because I had no
evidence that my brother raped me. I left for
kelvin’s house, I stayed there for 3days. Kelvin
noticed that I was not myself. So he decided to
take me out to eat lunch at a Chinese Restaurant,
he thought that would make me feel better. Few
hours later when we got back to the house, he
was searching for his office documents and
remembered he had hid them inside my small
bag. He went to my bag to take the documents
and he almost bumped into my book of secrets. I
quickly jumped off the bed and shouted at him
‘why would you go into my bag without
permission’ Kelvin was shocked, because he
doesn’t remember when going into his lovers bag
was a problem. I had never shouted at him that

But the truth was that, my life was a mess, I
wasn’t myself. He walked out of the house with
anger, he didn’t come home that night, he knew I
was hiding something. He refused to pick my call.
He was so mad at me. He came back home after
a day and told me he was mad at me. I told him
that wasn’t the reason he should leave the house
that way. He begged me to tell him what my
problem was.
I sat him down and begged him not to be angry at
what I was about to tell him and that he might not
believe me but it was the truth. He stared into my
eyes, looked at my lips as if he wanted to plant a
kiss on them and listened to me “I am so not
happy, my brother is hurting me badly, he has
been (a sudden knock came on the door) Kelvin
quickly stood up to find out who was at the door.
Behold it was my brother. My brother came in
search for me at his place, he said he wanted to
take me home, I refused, I said I wasn’t going with
him, Kelvin then begged me to go back to my
house. I followed my brother home. We got to the
house; he drove into the compound with anger,
dragged me out of the car and pushed me into the
house, locked the door and removed his belt and
flogged me mercilessly. He pulled my dress and
raped me again and threatened to burn me alive if
I left the house without telling him.
I cried so much, I picked up my phone to call
Kelvin, to tell him what was happening. Kelvin
picked up his phone and was busy saying hello,
but my voice was cracked, I couldn’t say a word.
Immediately, my brother opened the door and
caught me with my phone. He seized it from me
and tied me to my bed with strong ropes. I
couldn’t move, I couldn’t eat. I was tied on my
bed and waiting for the next line of action. What
should I do, how do I run, who should I tell, every
chance for me to tell Kelvin was being interrupted.
I laid there helplessly. I thought to myself, is this
really my blood brother? What has come over
him? Has he been taking drugs? I am confused as
you are on what to do. Wish someone could just
give me a clue.

Look out for the next episode of Chronicles of
Isioma and find out what happens next. Coming soon

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