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7 Ways To Catch A Lying & Cheating Girlfriend


So you’ve been suspecting your woman has been flaky. Perhaps she doesn’t pick up/return your calls, maybe she acts fidgety while with you and never lets her phone out of her sight.

You are beginning to suspect something is wrong.

No one likes to be played for a fool so here are 7 ways to catch a cheating girlfriend:

#7. Ask Her

Yes, this seems obvious enough, but I’m sure at this point in your relationship, you should know when your girl is lying.

So when she denies it (which she might), you might get a clue from her reactions. But is she’s nice enough to tell the truth, well, mission accomplished.

#6. Snoop

Okay, I’m not normally a believer in snooping around for information. But if tip one doesn’t work, then you have to find a way to get the info without her knowledge.

Check her phone while she’s in the shower, go through her e-mail if you have the password (recent research shows that about 70 percent of cheating partners are caught through their gadgets- phones, browser history,etc).

Look at her online social profiles and see if she’s made any interesting new friends. With modern technology, there are lots of ways to sneak a peek into how your girlfriend has been spending her time, and whether she’s been cheating or not.

#5. Use The Girlfriends

Girls often confide in their girl friends regarding their relationships.

This can only work for you if the girls have a soft for you and truly believe you don’t deserve to be cheated on. But be careful with this though, because if your girl is truly faithful, her friends might want to sabotage her out of spite.

#4. Changes In Behaviour

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, there’s a good chance she’s not being so discreet as to be undetectable.

Keep your eyes open and pay attention to subtle changes in her behavior and attitudes. If she’s started dressing up to go to work when jeans and a button up were cutting it before, there may be somebody new that she’s trying to impress.

Also, if your sex life radically changes then that could be a sign. If she’s normally sexually adventurous and these days, she turns away from you, it might be because she’s getting it somewhere else.

One the other hand, if she starts to demand sex more often, then she might be trying to distract you by trying to take any suspicions away from her.

#3. Element of Surprise

Here’s a little cliche for you. Man heads to work, man forgets something and returns home.
Man catches girl on bed with another man. Only, this time, you do this on purpose, although this can only work if you are living together.

Pretend to head out to work or wherever, after a few minutes, maybe an hour, head back home.

This will come in handy if she actually isn’t doing anything wrong and you can make it seem like you really did want to give her a pleasant surprise. And if she is, well……. (I do hope you have your cutlass sharpened).

#2. Listen to the Rumor Mill

If your girlfriend is cheating, chances are she hasn’t managed to hide it from everybody.

Mutual friends, members of her family, even co-workers may all already be in on the secret, and secrets as large and juicy as an affair rarely stay quiet for long.

If one of your friends raises a concern about your girlfriend’s faithfulness, be smart about how to handle it.

Be on the lookout for subtle hints, any mentions of your girlfriend and any gossip-worthy activities she may have recently been involved in.

#1. Watch Out For Inaccurate Stories

If your girlfriend is cheating, chances are she will try to hide it by telling lies about the affairs. One bad thing about telling of lies is that as your questions gets tougher, she has to tell more lies to cover the previous ones.

Except your girls is an expert in telling of lies, sooner than later, she will make very costly mistake and tell a story that will eventually entangle her…all you have to do is to keep tabs on her stories.

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