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Celebrities who began 2023 with controversies


Even though the year has only just begun, several Nigerian celebrities are already trending negatively.

In this article, Potpourri outlines the famous people that have gotten into conflicts to start the new year.

Empress Njamah

In a video posted on her Instagram page around the end of last year, Nollywood star Empress Njamah announced her engagement to George Wade, saying, "I got engaged today, the 18th of August. God, oh God. Officially, I'm no longer available. The man had other plans, which the curvy actress was unaware of.

Threats and feeble attempts at extortion that followed were made public by the actress. She asserted that the film was produced under duress because her fiancé, George Wade, coerced her into making it.

She also mentioned how George Wade entered her life at a time when she was weak because she had just lost her friend Ada Ameh.

Wade released Empress' naked footage as a result of his threats. He established a WhatsApp group, invited several individuals, and started releasing videos of Empress in her home that were taken while she was naked, including ones of her having a bath.

Empress responded to the films with a few short remarks, thus it seemed that none of these things affected her.

Empress wrote on Instagram, "Nobody can knock me down; I'm alive. I adore you guys for all the love, support, and messages; I'm alive. I spoke to many ladies hiding in circumstances like this; nevertheless, I spoke up and I'm alive.

Ekubo Alex and Acholonu Fancy

Last year, news about Alex Ekubo and his split fiancée, Fancy, was almost non-stop. But a fresh drama that developed between them in December of last year continued into the new year.

Many people were shocked when Fancy announced on social media last year that her relationship, engagement, and intended marriage to the Nollywood star had ended, adding that the choice had been made in her best interests.

Fancy went back on social media in December to publicly apologize for canceling their wedding, claiming that nothing made sense without Alex, as if she had changed her mind.

She said that the decision to call off the wedding was made in a hurry and begged for forgiveness, adding that she now knew better how to handle circumstances. She said she had missed him terribly.

While many people were relieved that the couple was now on the path to reconciliation and marriage, particularly as Alex accepted responsibility for the situation, they received yet another stunner a few hours after the new year had begun.

The Nollywood actor allegedly used Fancy to further his ego by forcing her to "apologize publicly continually," according to a statement released by Fancy on Monday. Her revelation that Alex had resisted having se.x with her for five years was the high point of her confessions.

Ameenah and Yomi Gold

On Tuesday, Nollywood star Yomi Alore, also known as Yomi Gold, announced his separation from wife Ameenah. With his statement, he becomes the first well-known person to divorce in 2023. They chose to break up because love had died in the relationship, Gold said in a statement on his Instagram page.

He said, "I and Meenah decided to go our separate ways.

Meenah is a decent human being. She is not worthy of a man like me. She will be an excellent and loving partner to someone who is far better than I am. I am not flawless. I'll endeavor to improve myself and my character. Because we want everyone who knows about us to be aware of our choice, this must be published. Again, time will be good, according to Gold.

Victoria Ige, with whom he shares two children, and Yomi Gold were previously married. But in 2019, their marriage broke down. The actor and Ameenah later got married in January 2022. In April of the same year, they gave birth to their first child.

Burna Boy

If Burna Boy doesn't break many of the terrible practices he was known for last year, he may eventually gain a poor image.

Grammy-winning musician Burna Boy brought in the new year with a concert in the middle of Lagos that has since raised eyebrows.

Instead of apologizing for being late for the event, the Afro-fusion artist yelled at his audience.

Burna Boy arrived at the show that was scheduled to start at 7 pm at 3 am, eight hours late. His fans bemoaned his tardiness and criticized him. His home country performances were met with a lazy attitude from his fans, in contrast to his punctual and competent performances abroad. 

The African giant didn't take well to any of these criticisms from his followers and wasted no time in responding to them. Burna took the opening few minutes of his performance to scold his audience after they booed him for being late.

Burna claimed that if a younger colleague hadn't gone down to implore him to take into account the fans who had waited more than eight hours for the paid performance, he wouldn't have bothered to mount the stage following their outbursts. Burna Boy was then seen in a video throwing off stage a fan who attempted to climb the stage, adding insult to injury.

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